Photoshop Tutorial 5a – Magazine Idea


  1. Magazine Genre: Fashion
  2. Model: Julie Jang
  3. Specific clothes & accessories to wear: Fancy watch, nice blouse, black pants, nice jewellery (Business woman look)
  4. Prop(s): briefcase
  5. Date: Wednesday, 11:55 AM
  6. Attach a photo showing a full body pose & medium shot pose that you will shoot; for example if you were going to shoot Female Fashion then you could search through some of these examples (one, two, three) and take screenshots of two poses that you will try and take and part of your grade will be how well you emulate the poses. You don’t have to use these two poses for your final magazine cover as you should experiment and take a variety of other shots. Make sure you photograph a mix of three different poses when you shoot that differ from the Internet images.
  7. Attach two front cover magazines that are the same genre of your magazine style

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