Pitch Assignment

Narrative Arc:1) Introduction: The main character, Piper, is just a normal teenage girl in a normal suburban setting. She is an aspiring social worker and loves working with underprivileged children. She is always up to date about what is happening in the world and reads the news every morning and night. A strange force seeks her one day, gives her a dark blue lemon shaped food and presents her with an opportunity.
2) Conflict: There has been a lot of current events happening in her city and she has wanted to help, and so does the force apparently. The force tells her that she can use the lemon and squeeze it every time she hears about a tragedy in her area, but the catch is that she will lose a year of her life every time she does that.
3) Rising Action: Piper is extremely not selfish and is actually quite happy about the opportunity presented. She meets a kid named Michael who is starving and is barely trying to get by. Michael shares that he doesn’t have a family but he doesn’t mind, because he didn’t really like them. She squeezes the lemon three times that day for him. Later, Piper finds out that the force lied to her and that she actually ages ten times faster each time she squeezes it.
4) Climax: Piper finds out that the force is actually Michael’s mom who doesn’t feed him and that she’s dead. Every time Piper squeezes the lemon, Michael’s mom gains a bit of her life back and until all of Pipers life is gone and Michael’s mom (Natascha) is back to life.
5) Falling Action: Piper finds a way to use the lemon in a different way. She squeezes it onto the ground and the fact that it isn’t being used doesn’t do anybody any good and eventually Michael’s Mom is gone for good.
6) Conclusion: Piper learns that the world and humans are flawed, and that cheating with magic or any type of force will not fix more problems than it will cause. Piper ends up volunteering all of her time to help people and that makes her feel better than the lemon ever did because she is actually doing all of this on her own.
7) Twist: The good force that was trying to help Piper and people around her was actually the one causing all of the problems.

Four Must Haves:
1) Original: The story is original because this type of writing has never been featured in any movie or story. A dark blue lemon that saves people is pretty original.
2) Can’t Be Predictable: It isn’t predictable because who would have thought that it was Michael’s Mom that causes all of the trouble in the story, when it seems to just be a nice force that offers gifts every year on Christmas.
3) Viewer will feel sympathy towards Michael not being able to eat and also fear of Michael’s Mom because she is scary and might end up draining the life out of Piper. Viewer will also laugh throughout because of some silly comments made towards the beginning and the end of the story.
4) Viewer will learn that it is never the right way to go to accomplish something if you wish to cheat it. Everything must be done in a fair way, regardless of how tragic the event may be.

Filming Planning:
Date: Friday, May 1st
Time: Noon
Location: Yeouido park, Parking lot behind my apartment building

Actor’s Name: Cydney Victor
Character Name: Piper Vida
Description: Normal suburban living teenager
Personality: Upbeat, likes to help out and make a difference in the world
Character Arc: She finds a cheat to help people out but ultimately realises that it does more bad than good. She fixes the problem towards the end
Peeling the Onion: Doesn’t seem that great with people at first, but then it is made obvious that she is trying to help out in the world as much as she can
Universal Empathy: Displays kindness to others, characters admire and respect her
Props/Clothes: Normal everyday teenage clothes

Actor’s Name: Kiley Diffin
Character Name: Natascha Palmer
Description: Is the source for overall problems in the story, Michael’s Mom
Personality: Seems very kind and giving but is actually deceiving and manipulative
Character Arc: Comes into Piper’s life as very kind but actually turns out to be the root of all evil and is very selfish to others
Peeling the Onion: Enters the story as someone who seems to love helping others but is actually the problem in the world
Universal Empathy: Undeserved suffering, really good at convincing
Props/Clothes: Old mom people clothes

Minor Character #1
Actor’s Name: Tomas Maxian
Character Name: Michael Palmer
Description: Boy that is very poor with no family, doesn’t have money to eat but finds a lot of ways to stay positive
Personality: Very positive and sees the glass as half full
Role in Story: Piper finds him and wants to help him, he is eventually revealed as Natascha’s son
Props/Clothes: Raggy clothes that are worn and used

Minor Character #2
Actor’s Name: Angela Lee
Character Name: Jessica Leininger
Description: Pipers best friend, warns Piper that she is being way too open to the force and that helping out can’t be that east
Personality: Cautious and knows what to do/say during tough situations
Role in Story: Piper’s best friend
Props/Clothes: Normal suburban teenager clothes

1) Tension: There will be a lot of tension involved between Piper and her best friend and Piper and Natascha towards the end because of their disagreements.
2) Character Lock: Characters will change internally because they (Piper especially) will realise that nothing feels better than when done themselves and not cheated somehow.
3) Forces Action: The forced action in this short film will be Jessica telling Piper that she needs to watch out who she trusts and listens to because it isn’t always true what the person says.
4) High & Low Stakes: High Stakes in Piper’s life- she can end up losing a large portion of her life by helping others and she can eventually die early.

Plants & Payoffs:
1) There will be hints and clues about Natascha being Michael’s Mom throughout the story and then at the end the viewer will be able to figure out that she is actually his mom, which is also the twist of the story.
2) The film’s throughline will be people always wanting to help others. Piper constantly wants to be helping out in her community and even wants to help Michael’s mom at the end, so that main idea stays focused only on that.

1) The catalyst in my story is Piper being presented with the lemon at the beginning of the story, which eventually changes the characters life forever and has consequences and also good things that happen as a result of it.
2) The crutch of my film will be the lemon.
3) The biggest conflict of the story will be whether Piper decides to use the lemon in the first place to help others out. Another big conflict will be what to do with Michael’s mom at the end because she doesn’t want to be too cruel as well.

I will use a variety of different special effects in this film. Ones such as the force (Natascha) jumping in and out of the frame. Other effects that I will incorporate will be the different use of lighting and how that can effect the overall tone of the story narrative.


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